Twitter Wrapup – 2010-12-11

  • pheww… belgium is done. had to go commercial fest. i swear i need to play me some stevie wonder before the end of the year to keep sanity. #
  • It's always a trip when I here reggaeton in the club…u can still play it out here i guess;) #
  • soun system at this culture club is bangin… you clubs statewide with the crappy sound systems need to step yo game up. #
  • The DNA of the Blueprint mixtape @djneilarmstrong X Jay-z – in separate Tracks – Download it FREE @ #
  • alright belgium, cure just got here @djtwelve is warming up, @livebaseents n me @ Culture Club In Ghent – Belgium – #
  • we're here, @djtwelve on the wheels (@ Culture Club Burn-Bar) #
  • according to my belgium sources, one of jdilla's last performances was yes, right out here in ghent where im playing tonite… wow. #
  • yo @fareastmovement, in a restaurent in ghent belgium, fly like a g6 just came on. nooiice fellas! #
  • My Freaky Deeky Dutch Peoples – Tonite's the night – 12/10 – Fri – We're @ Culture Club In Ghent – Belgium – #
  • yet another red light district.europeans r freaky deeky (@ Glazen Straatje) #
  • yeahh… im at a castle (@ gravensteen castle) #
  • finally ive landed, im about a half hr away from brussels in gent tonite at CULTURE CLUB . belgium im bringin the music u bring the waffles! #
  • I'm at 't Hoekske (Kortrijksepoortstraat, Sint-kwintensberg, Gent). #
  • Be aware that shifting alliances among your associates could c… More for Gemini #

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