Twitter Wrapup – 2011-01-10

  • me and @emmulate are watching the knicks game online… new long distance tradition. @SucioSmash where you at!? #
  • dunno, discount my dog is slick, not sure how he gets at anything! I swear one time he figured out how to open a door. #
  • my dog ate 100 euro's worth of paper bills in the last 2 days . brghghghghghh… #
  • ok, so my pooch ATE ANOTHER 50 EURO BILL. should I go thru the poop and try to reconstruct it? :( DANG DOG. #
  • lazy sick day again #
  • China plans $1.3 billion knock-off of Dubai hotel – Yahoo! News #
  • It's challenging for you to express your freedom today because… More for Gemini #

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