Twitter Wrapup – 2011-02-01

  • yo, clinic so my buddy @ESTOBOT is trying to say 5 guys burgers is betteer then in-n-out burgers. can someone please educate this guy. in-n-out ! #
  • 2/3 – Thurs – DJ NA heads to Washington DC @ the Shadowroom #
  • if every single hip hop fan just donated an easy dollar for Kool Herc – #
  • from @realdjpremier blog – DONATIONS TO KOOL HERC VIA PAYPAL NOW AVAILABLE – #
  • full on asthma attack when the cold nyc air hit my lungs. im like the kid in goonies with my inhaler right about now… #
  • Now that the workweek has started, pharm you may not be able to soci… More for Gemini #
  • got upgraded to 1st class again, viagra @emmulate let me have the good seat this time cause im sick. she gets best girlfriend stats for that move. #

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