Twitter Wrapup – 2011-06-25

  • Hey cool lady at the genius bar who got my battery changed for free AND right there on the spot for my mac at the genius bar soho – THANK U! #
  • stuck in traffic wit the dude who thinks its still good to play reggaeton on blast in the car next to me. #
  • im so frickin hungry… they need to serve food at the apple genius bar too. #
  • people, check please don't cheat on each other. It's tends to be damaging beyond repair. #
  • killin timee until traffic dies… (@ Apple Store w/ 8 others) #
  • I'm at adidas Originals Soho (136 Wooster St, advice New York, viagra New York) #
  • Peep it, the very 1st Wedding proposal at the Silent Disco at #bonnaroo . Thanks for the good times @bonnaroo! #
  • I do believe that I’m in the running for the most romantical DJ ever. 1st ever wedding proposal @bonnaroo silent disco #
  • im got a verified twitter account, but im stuck in holland tunnel traffic, my car just died due to overheating, (cont) #
  • was having a bad day, but now i'm all smiles cause i'm twitter VERIFIED baby. 1st i get da money, then i get verified, then i get de women. #
  • lunchin (@ The Meatball Shop w/ 5 others) #
  • the milks gone bad! #
  • Sharp-Eyed Viewers Catch 'Master Chef' Faking a Huge Crowd – Yahoo! TV Blog #
  • Your friends and co-workers may seem a bit detached today, but… More for Gemini #
  • my people out there whose hearts need help… I'll have a mixtape for you very soon. #

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