Viva Mexico – adidas originals celebrates Mexico City Recap…

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Plane Bloggin. My Favorite pastime. Right now I’m over the gulf , order on my way back to the states from our neighbor down under Mexico… my very first time, and I was out there to help adidas originals celebrate Mexico City.


Being that it was my first time, I really didn’t know what to expect. Robert Rodriguez movies got me thinking all of mexico looks like Desperado and Machete… But as you can see, Mexico City is as cosmopolitan as it gets …






I arrived at the brick hotel to chocolate covered strawberries (fruity fancy) and one of these cool mexican sculptures courtesy of adidas… its all about the little things.



I was out their to DJ their opening party for a week long batch of events put on by the three stripes all over La Condesa , the “cool” district of mexico city. All the events involved art, sports and fashion of course, and its a way to bring the brand and culture of adidas direct to the people of the city. Want to know more ? Hit up their facebook page . If you happen to be in the city, this friday you can check out the skate contest and the Concert they’re putting on, and even get in on all the action through the magic of social networking – just check the webpage.

First stop for me was to check out the adidas originals store. This is actually one of the cooler ones I’ve gotten to see, complete with a scooby doo VW adidas van upfront , and a tri-foil bike rack for the hipsters…





The balloons that are attached to the building were made by one of the artists who is involved in the campaign News, one of Mexico City’s dope street artists… she’s pictured below next to one of the murals that have popped up all over “La Condesa”.


Part of this celebration by adidas was to commission Mexico City’s Street artist to make the city more beautiful for the week – putting up murals all over the city. I got to see a few of them before I hit the launch party –






After running all over La Contesa, it was time to head to the venue – Salon Mexico


This was a crazy venue in itself. A hewn out brick building with a tunnel like feel on the first floor, and then a second floor where the party time was going down.

The first floor was turned into an impromptu showroom for the new collection by adidas BLUE.



The collection hasn’t come out yet, so unless you were one of the special invited guests to the launch party, you aren’t going to get to see it until january… sorry guys ;)

The launch party was a prettty big hub bub … complete with all the flashing lights of the mexican press that I could handle –


taken by m3mo13

The room was full of mexico city’s Fashionistas, Celebs, bloggers and cool kids.



Besides myself, they had some local mexican acts Pi squared and DJ Pato Watson holding it down for the party peoples…




Party went on til the wee hours, and then we went for some tacos.

Thank you to adidas Originals for bringing me out to Mexico City, adding another stamp to the passport.

To all the cool Mexico City folk, make sure to enjoy this week with adidas originals! Check out the artwork all over your beautiful city – take pictures and tag them with #alloriginalsMX, and celebrate your beautiful city :)

Thanks to the folk who I took pictures from above !

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