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From the website –

Food Republic. This is a company and a website founded on the idea that guys everywhere are putting food at the center of their lives like never before. Whether you’re a casual cook, help a pro, or you don’t set foot in the kitchen unless starvation is creeping in and that months-old package of ramen in the cupboard is more appealing than the drive to the nearest fast-food joint, chances are you think about food a lot.

For my fans who follow me on instagram and facebook, you know I love food. Love to cook it, love to take pictures of it, and definitely love to eat it.

My life as a DJ has given me the opportunity to travel the world, and on the way I’ve eaten a thing or two or ten that I would normally not get a chance to sample.

For the next 2 weeks @foodrepublic is letting me TakeOver there instagram, to share with you some of the food and experiences I’m having while out here on the other side of the world in asia.

For my foodie travellers, I’ll be showing you guys and gals stuff to add to your eating bucketlists.

You will get to see some local eats from Tokyo and Kyoto Japan, Seoul Korea, Shanghai China, Hong Kong and Beijing .

A Happy Traveller is a well Fed one.



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