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Twitter Updates for 2010-05-16

@mfastow we'll see:) but if u see a dj buzz… It may just be me:) unless its wack:). in reply to mfastow # @kingaubrey oh I'm not complaining, sovaldi sale always always count the blessings n make the best. But the anonymity allowed me to make all my mixes. in reply to kingaubrey # I […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-15

Oh man, remedy weiner snitzel is making me das boot sleepy. Plus I'm jetlagged like a mofo. # ah yes, weiner snitzel in Berlin . # Berlin, Nows the time on sprockets when we dance – 5/15 DJNA / ADIDAS BLOCK PARTY… http://bit.ly/buF8oG via @hypebeast # @mribnu No74 ‘Rock the Block Party’ – Aftershow: SOTO […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-14

@emmulate :) in reply to emmulate # Sweeet luck, sickness they oversold coach so they had to upgrade me and @SkyGellatly to 1st class. This is like when racism works in ur favor . # Dang security line at delta terminal domestic side is like a parking lot too… # @BigJacks we've graduated to zephora […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-13

Spanish food on castle hill in the bronx. Yellow rice and red beans, remedy breaded steak and sweet plantains http://tweetphoto.com/22189477 # @iGillette glad u like the t! @5andADIME in reply to iGillette # Alright technology gods, advice I'm doing some harddrive recovery , view be kind so I can get these mixtapes out n my […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-12

@DeePhunk how is it so far?? in reply to DeePhunk # sup apex! # @LCG_fabian naw, see tonite, cure nyc ;) in reply to LCG_fabian # Who is heaading to little brother show? # 5 and A dime/DJNA Tshirt cd Collabo ONLINE Limited supply -http://shar.es/mhCe4 – ya want the DNA of the blueprint for real? […]

Gettin my luche libre on at Camaradas NYC w/ G Bo the pro…

Who is that masked man above, Next to the Other masked man?? It was your’s truly, representing in EL BARRIO Uptown NYC baby last Cinco De Mayo for G Bo the Pro for the 2 Year anniversary of His WayBack Whensdays Party . On Deck to rep for The Man were myself, DJ TONY TOUCH, REI DOUBLE R, and Victor Vargas and DJ Dres. The spot had this NYC house party feel, with folk both young and old , their to get they groove on…

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-11

@mvncnt yeah man, cheap that's just a little weird… in reply to mvncnt # @djchela I dunno?!! That's new to nyc area I think? Never had one with full on produce – bananas, beef tomatos and the whole nine before in reply to djchela # @catahn we were at the complex offices missy:) in reply […]

New Podcast – LIVE from the Soul Sessions in LA 4/23

t’s Been QUITE Some time since I’ve released a New Podcast, being on the road makes it very difficult to record. Lucky for me and you and your cousin too, The soul Sessions guys were recording the set – So here it is for your listening pleasure… a video & audio recap….

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-09

Queens to NJ love http://tweetphoto.com/21609261 # Queens baby. http://tweetphoto.com/21591541 # RT @CNN: Jobless woman finds generosity on the streets: http://on.cnn.com/d0Wvgi # @MrsShuttEmDown I think I'm ok?:) can food get caught in it if it comes loose?? in reply to MrsShuttEmDown # @DJYoshi oh oh.. How did u get out of it? in reply to DJYoshi […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-08

I'm here baby – hot mess tonite at silk city! http://tweetphoto.com/21494940 # Its been a while. Since I did the rest stop shot glass. NEW JERSEY ! We got a situation over here… http://tweetphoto.com/21487291 # @didier911 hey, unhealthy I can't take credit for that unfortunately, someone at the add agency did that one! in reply […]

Shakey’s Record Fair is on 5/9 in NYC ! sweeet…

SHAKEY’S RECORD FAIR Dubspot friend, sovaldi sale veteran NYC DJ, sick and founder of the Warper Party, treat Julie Covello, aka DJ Shakey, is hosting one of her renowned record fairs on May 9th. Be sure to stop by, roll up your sleeves, and dig through some dog-eared gems, just like those hero’s of yours […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-07

I think overall y'all are choosing grey… Ok I trustin y'all with my sneaker swag! don't steer me wrong now ;) # @LAMAZINGMUSE cooper union is my old college! in reply to LAMAZINGMUSE # http://tweetphoto.com/21358542 Alright sneaker heads, ask which color laces should I use on the AT-AT adidas joints, advice (cont) http://tl.gd/168ubs # @djriddler […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-06

Camaradas, there we here , sovaldi If u heading up, tadalafil tell the door that your on my list and ur good to go!! # http://tweetphoto.com/21240947 La esquina is crazy, mad fam out there @deemehlow, met @nigelsylvester , and (cont) http://tl.gd/15r6tk # At the burton spot saying peace to everyone – @DJSynapse @JAYCEEOH and @SkyGellatly […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-05

Some brand new adidas to rock, viagra sale stuff fortitudes in orange n grey… Thanks 3 stripes! http://tweetphoto.com/21117808 # Kentucky fried colonel slipmats ! http://tweetphoto.com/21112379 # Don't play that !!! Slipmats. http://tweetphoto.com/21112228 # Choppin it up with @djsoulnyc at @reedspace # Hulkamania slipmats!!! http://tweetphoto.com/21111219 # A nice set of slipmats at @reedspace http://tweetphoto.com/21108660 # At […]

Twitter Updates for 2010-05-04

So long LA … Nyc I'm on my way. http://tweetphoto.com/20999364 # Catchin up with my old high school buddy mike, cheap getting lucha libre tortas at santitos on melrose http://tweetphoto.com/20963161 # @mensathedj what's interac? in reply to mensathedj # I'm back in NYC baby, cialis and we are celebrating May 5th with @gbothepro and @djtonytouch […]

G-Bo The Pro … I’m a Celebrate with you like its Cinco De Mayo…

Although I get a LOT of props for what I do, I am nowhere near the innovator (although I do put my own twitst on an old favorite if I do say so myself ;))I got a lot of my blending style from listening to Mixtapes that were ON ACTUAL CASSETTES – Ones in particular made by the Duo of G-Bo the Pro and Rei Double R.… This Wednesday, is our 1st time throwing down on the 1’s and 2’s together…

Recap from the djneilarmstrong.com launch party…

I’m about to go on a marathon run of West coast and Hawaii Parties over the next 2 weeks, i realized I hadn’t recapped the one that started it all, the new website launch party back in March. It was held in NYC at South Paw in Brooknam , and it featured myself on the wheels of steel, and the one and only DJ Clark Kent. Here’s a recap…