Pre-Order for the new 10 Year “Original” Mixtape Boxset available NOW….

Original Boxset Pre-Order

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Sorry for the delay y’all. Recovery from New Years Eve slowed me up a day, try but finally – Pre Ordering of the 10 Year Anniversary “Original” Limited Edition Boxset is NOW AVAILABLE at a special super fan price of $30 dollars plus shipping/handling. Only 300 of the boxsets will be sold, and I wanted to make sure the fans had first pick.

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  1. hello
    hello says:

    received the box set … cool as sh!t … but just to clarify … are the actual mix CD’s supposed to be included … based on some of the pics, i thought the cd’s were part of the box set along with the flash drive and tape … just wanna clarify … thx

  2. fartknokker
    fartknokker says:

    Just got mine, 2 day turn around! Big up Neil! For others: the plug that slides out on the tin goes into the usb port. If it doesn’t recognize one way, try the other. Seems simple but I was perplexed. and to Neil: KEEP MAKING MIXES!!!!


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