Twitter Updates for 2010-05-20

  • Everythings gonna be alright. #
  • @Kaycee_notJoJo ack, case my texting was off… in reply to Kaycee_notJoJo #
  • Eating at the breslin with my college buddy john. He helped me graduate, help let me copy his final thermodynamic project. Thank the lord. #
  • RT @ESTOBOT: crazy. its like going from the 8 crayon box to the 72 @allancole: The web type game is over: #
  • @deemehlow for your laptop you just need an adaptor, not a voltage converter. usually, check your powersupply. if it says 240 ur good. in reply to deemehlow #
  • today was a red letter day in dissapointments from all ends. I think Im storing up a balance of good karma for my surgery in a week. pray! #
  • @Kaycee_notJoJo hey hey, I'll be in the city tonite? will give you a ring? around 9ish? in reply to Kaycee_notJoJo #
  • I keep running into people who make promises but can't come thru. Yo. pay me my money. #
  • @DJ_Cast not lasik. I have diplopia. in reply to DJ_Cast #
  • And to the Hood – East Berlin, West Berlin, and Worldwide - The no 74 Berlin Block party & Pre Party w soto/highsnobiety #
  • And to the Hood… East Berlin, West Berlin, and Worldwide… The No 74 Berlin Block Party & Pre Party w soto/highsnobiety #
  • @DeePhunk hmmm… I mean, that might be cool. Im just hoping that I can see first before working about stylin ;) in reply to DeePhunk #
  • @RockyRivera noo, not lasik… something a bit crazier, I have diplopia. double vision. in reply to RockyRivera #
  • i a week I go into surgery. If all goes well my eyes will be able to fuse images together. Thats gonna be nice. #
  • Superman 1 was a really good movie. its on TV right now. Clark had the red and black lumberjack on right b4 he left smalltown 4 metropolis #
  • Hypebeast X adidas: adiCup 2010 NYC Contest | Hypebeast #
  • sweet. there is a curb your enthusiasm marathon going on this morn on HBO Comedy. #
  • @pogi1kenobi probably not anytime soon… in reply to pogi1kenobi #
  • You like the idea of sidestepping a difficult conversation and… More for Gemini #
  • adidas Originals – “The Street Where Originality Lives” Extended Version | Video | #
  • stress stress stress. #
  • @mikedizon it was his Bday! in reply to mikedizon #

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