Twitter Wrapup – 2010-10-31

  • ya'll on @foursquare make sure to get that halloween badge tonite ;) #
  • pheww…. Im tired tired tired tired. we got like 3 hours left because of the stupid daylight savings in germany…. argghh! #
  • RT @hypebeast how many hypebeast bloggers are needed to change a light bulb -a visit to solebox be.. #
  • alright, viagra ufer8 is sweat packed, @djrafik just dropped release yo delf. and what. no need to drop that wacka flocka tonite baby… #
  • yes yes, @djrafik is on the wheels now at ufer8 for party & Bullshit… Dusseldorf, if your not in the building, ur missing out… #
  • 11/5 – 12inch Fridays in Stuttgart-Mitte (piggidy pause) #
  • At uber8 in dusselldorf Germany, DJ just dropped K7 Come baby Come … heheheh. thats funny to me. Now this is a party crowd… #
  • I'm at the club bloggin. how ya like me now. #
  • I'm at Burgplatz (Burgplatz, Düsseldorf). #
  • I'm like a hulkamanic before a gig. Drink my milk and take my vitamins… not really sure how you party djs dj drunk, mo power to ya. #
  • nice german hostess lady gave me what I thought was water. I think it was scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch,down into my belly. na,just playin;) #
  • Sound check time , party & bullshit dusselldorf stylie commencing… (@ Ufer 8) #
  • Thousands expected at Stewart-Colbert rally in DC – Yahoo! News #
  • Financially Fit #
  • I'm at Orangerie Hotel Dusseldorf (BACKERGASSE 1, Dusseldorf). #
  • RT @emteepockets: #FF @LIVEBASEENTS for updates on Oct/Nov European Tours w @BrunoMars @TravieMccoy @Tyga @ClintonSparks @djneilarmstrong #
  • I'm at Sannin (Kölner Str. 61, Düsseldorf). #
  • Taking the train in places that don't print in ur native language gets heecctic. Almost jumped on wrong 1, kept thinkin of the movie hostel. #
  • I'm at Hauptbahnhof Berlin (Europaplatz 1, Washington-Platz, Berlin) w/ 2 others. #
  • I just unlocked the "Halloween 2010" badge on @foursquare! #
  • off to dusseldorf… #
  • Your creative playtime may be over today; it's time to roll up… More for Gemini #
  • Happy holloween! (@ Ellington Hotel Berlin) #
  • berlin is done. thank you for partying with me on such short notice!! Guess I'm gonna break nite, as I have a 10 Am pick up for Dusseldorf #
  • Late nite eating berlin style… Crazy cheap food. (@ Salut Bäckerei) #
  • I just unlocked the "Just Desserts" badge on @foursquare! #

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