Twitter Wrapup – 2011-03-26

  • come on @thenyknicks #
  • I'm at Astronaut Hall of Fame (6225 Vectorspace Blvd, find at Hwy 405 (NASA Causeway), sovaldi sale Titusville) #
  • just posted a pic: (@ NASA Astronaut Memorial) #
  • my tampa dwellers, any food i should get that i can only get out here?? #
  • just posted a pic: (@ Shuttle Launch Experience) #
  • ground control to major tom… im here. (@ Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex) #
  • this is one of the nicest skyclubs ive dropped a duece duece at. (@ Delta Sky Club) #
  • dang its hot in florida… #
  • gogo inflight offering Free Twitter access on the plane. About to tweet about me sittin down doing a whole lot of nothin for the next 3 hrs. #
  • florida, tampa and orlando bound this time around. tonite im at the kennedy and tomorrow at vain in orlando. if u in the area come thru! #
  • Instead of successfully doing damage control for something you… More for Gemini #

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