9/2 – The LAST “THIS FRIDAY” / AOK part 5 CD NYC Release party @ BK Bowl …

viagra on Flickr”>Brooklyn Bowl Sept 2nd

This is the LAST party of my summer residency at Brooklyn Bowl. and we’re making this one very special for y’all mixtape fans, viagra as this will also serve as my Music for when Nobody’s Looking CD RELEASE party. Yes you mixtape fans, rx this is your 1st chance to have a copy of the new cd in your hands, and 25 lucky partygoers will get FREE copies , cause I love y’all so much ;)

THIS FRIDAY / Music for when Nobody’s Looking CD RELEASE PARTY
Hosted by Levi Maestro

Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave Between N11th & N12th
Brooklyn NY 11211

Doors open @ 11:30 PM
New CD will be available for purchase, and 25 Copies will be given away as well!

Come out y’all to say goodbye to summer with me and Maestro…

3/2 – Wed. – Quick stop over in Chemnitz Germany @ BrauClub…

This wednesday, cialis after switzerland and before london I make a quick stop to Germany to party out in Chemnitz

Brauclub | Neumarkt 2 | 09111 Chemnitz
Wednesday March 2nd

Rockin a 2 hour set around midnite for ya’ll that may be in the neighborhood…

2/19 – Sat 9 pm Adidas & Snoop Dogg Present WELCOME to LA with Urs Truly on the 1s and 2s

check on Flickr”>all star weekend 2011

Ok you party People this is the one y’all wanna come thru…

@ 9 PM
The Standard Hotel downtown
550 S. Flower St. Los Angeles , stuff CA

Featuring Performances By:
Far East Movement
Chris Brown
DJ Khaled
Snoop Dogg

and of course yours truly DJ Neil Armstrong on the 1’s and 2’s

RSVP by TODAY 2/17 @ [email protected]

Valentine’s Day – a BRAND New NEIL ARMSTRONG MIX???



Ahhhh, Valentine’s Day. Romance in the Air, people all around the world trying to get bizzy.

Now if you are a long time fan/owner of the cds I’ve put out , you should know that these are dang near PERFECT , for setting that oh so necessary mood for love love.

The Sweeet Series, Warmfuzzy . Sureshots if I do say so myself.

For this oh so special Feb 14th, I’m putting together a gift pack of the 5 cds that experts have proven, 60% of the time , they work all the time.

You get Sweeet,
WarmFuzzy, and
Sweeet Part 2.

All of em, for 25 dollars + shipping .

These are all classics, Sweeet being almost 10 years old. But cds get lost, people steal them. Maybe have a new girlfriend, a new wife, a new wife and girlfriend, or for you hotgirls, you gots a stable of dudes waiting in line to buy you dinner.

This is the PERFECT TIME to pick up this gift pack for those reasons alone, and this next one as well.

If ya order the giftpack, on Feb 14th, I will send you a BRAND NEW Slow jam mini mix… never heard before, all new stuff. Consider it the whip cream on the strawberrys to end your night.

The minimix will be EMAILED to the email that was used to purchase the gift set on Feb 14th.

To get this special offer – WITH GUARANTEED DELIVERY BY VALENTINE’S DAY – you must Order by FEB 9th, and all you gotta do to do that, is have your credit card ready, and click the Buy Now Button right below. Items will ship 2-3 day priority mail.

It’s that easy.

BUT how bout the cats who just want to save the environment and have all the cds except for one?Now if you really only need one or two cds to complete your collection, you can definitely buy them below, but because I have to use a third party fullfillment center for these, they have their own shipping policies and I cannot personally promise a Feb 14th Delivery, unless YOU ACT FAST! Like YESTERDAY!.

TO ORDER – check the box next to the item(s) you want below, then click on “Add to Cart” when done.
NOTE: These individual purchases will ship seperately from the special Valentines Day Gift pack.

Sweeet Part 2


sample 1





sample 1





sample 1





sample 1




sample 1

click the box next to the item(s) you want, then click on “Add to Cart” when your done…

12/31 – Just got my New Years Eve assignment – and its @ GOOD LIFE BAR in BOSTON BABY!

This is it what. My LAST gig for 2010, troche my FIRST GIG of 2011 – Good Life Presents NYE 2011…

search on Flickr”>NYE 2011

Down stairs = Middle School Dance’s “7 Minutes In Heaven Theme”

Expect to see: Heavenly clouds, heavy make-out sessions, high School trophies, streamers, chaperones, faculty announcements, contests, rambunctiousness, an Atari 2600 lounge, people doing the worm and dance to 70s, 80s and 90s dance music w/ DJs Mikey Lee, Death Star and Damien Paul.

Upstairs = Super Fresh Produce!

Expect to see: Confetti cannons, fruit and veggie treats, balloon drops and dance to hip hop and reggae jams spun by DJs Tommee and Knife with special guest, yours truly, DJ Neil Armstrong!!!!

The mother of all year-end bashes has arrived folks!!!! $30 which includes a bottle of champagne for you and yours to get crunk!!!!

We will reach capacity so please purchase tickets in advance right here: Once purchased, your name will appear on a list at the door the day of the event.

So I’m starting my new year of right, at the good life bar … If your in Boston for New Years, come start off 2011 properly with me and a whole lot of crazy party people…

12/3 – Fri – The RGB Lounge in Wickerpark Chicago…

cialis sale on Flickr”>RGB Grand Opening

Guess who’s coming to the CHI …

Yes Yes Y’all, medical I will be there THIS FRIDAY, diagnosis to Celebrate the GRAND OPENING of RGB lounge in the Wicker Park section of Chicago…

This is a very very VERY special grand opening – from the website

RGB Creative Lounge offers an unprecedented community space, combining a design studio with an internet lounge and working gallery. Located in the heart of Wicker Park, we welcome artists and designers from any background to collaborate and test the limits of technology in our facility.

Collaborate and engage in artist-led workshops and social events, hosted in our 2800+ sq. ft. gallery space and basement workshop –

Have your party or event at our space, whether it is for a business, a record release, or anything in between. At RGB, engendering a community space that welcomes all kinds of creative experiences is our top priority.

Visit our neighborhood lounge, browse our collections, and create something that is entirely unique –

Get comfortable and stay awhile in our Internet and coffee lounge upstairs. Then transform your ideas into something real and wearable when the mood moves you. Wifi and concessions are always available.

So there ya have it folks, a new community space just for y’all creatives out in Wicker Park Chitown.

And I’ll be there to usher in the goodwill! We gonna have music, we gonna have b-boys, we gonna have fun chicago….

December 3rd , 2010 @ 8 PM
The Grand Opening or RGB Lounge
1420 N. Milwaukee Ave

Featuring Yours Truly, alongside Dj Earn Money

and Live Performances by;
Evol & Shorty Brick (Brickheadz)
Bravemonk & Man of God ( Awesome Style Konnection)

December 3rd , 2010 @ 8 PM
1420 N. Milwaukee Ave

Sept 3rd – Fri – The 5th Platoon DJ’s reunite 1 last time for Fatbeats NYC – from 5-6 pm

try on Flickr”>IMG_0914

I’m in LA right now, actually on my way to SLC tonite. And of course, I had to make a stopover at Fat Beats LA …

As you should all know by now, Fatbeats NYC and Fatbeats LA will cease to exist in a Few Weeks, Marking an END to An ERA… one that is very near and dear to me as a fan and as a member of the Hip Hop Community.


I had to make sure to take in all the history of the LA store and capture bits and pieces of it for myself to remember when its gone…












If these walls could speak…. The Hip Hop history here is overwhelming… From Dr. Dre, to Q-bert… they’re signatures are all up on these walls.

Its only fitting, that this next promo piece is up here in the LA store…


Now as previously stated… 5th Platoon Crew was born out of Fat Beats.




As time has gone on, we’ve all gone in different directions. Kuttin Kandi is out in San Diego, DJ Do Boy is conquering the corporate world, Daddy Dog is off on a Ship right now DJing, I.Emerge is off making his mark on music , Vinroc is on the production tip out in San Fran….

I haven’t performed with my old crewmates in A VERY LONG TIME…. I think maybe 6 years ago I would say.

Those of you who have been following me know that I’ve been kind of busy bringing up my own brand to the level that its currently at;)

I think its an appropriate time for the 5th Platoon to ride for one last time for Fat Beats.

SEPTEMBER 3rd Friday
DJ Neil Armstrong and DJ Roli Rho perform
5th Platoon returns to the turntables
The Fatbeats Closing Schedule


Unfortunately the rest of the crewmates are spreadout all over the place, so its just gonna be myself and Roli Rho this time around, 2 of the 3 original founding members of the DJ Collective known as the 5th Platoon. And we will be bringing ya’ll back with some classic routines…

Performing with us will be one of my all time favorites Masta Ace,Tanya Morgan, J-Live, Pacewon and the Brown Bag All Stars .


Fatbeats, you will be missed,but most definitely NOT forgotten.

Underground will live forever baby… we just like roaches… – DJ Premier

5th Platoon 10 Year Anniversary White Tee

Cape Town South Africa… y’all need to go their one day.

In you’re life time, tadalafil you need to head over to Cape Town South Africa.


Yeah, thats what it looks like up top. Beautiful.


I got to go a month ago, representing for Adidas during the world cup at their Three Stories event space. The only bad thing about this trip, I only had a day and a half to take it all in before I headed off to Johannesburg aka JoBurg for my adidas gig over there…

But before we get to the gig itself, lets take a few more looks at the environment. Shut down your ideas of how Capetown might be.

It is a truly cosmopolitan city, with beautiful views and nice people. A comparative world city – that would be miami… with mountains. So its even better.







Being out there for adidas during the world cup was as you can imagine a once in a lifetime experience…


I don’t have anything to compare it too because I’ve never been there before, but Shawn explained to me that you could feel the festiveness of the south africans, how they were pulling together, their pride in hosting such a high level international event.


Adidas created this Three Story Space – literally, for all the party people to come to to enjoy that atmosphere of celebration – Adidas Style.



Consisting basically of a gallery space, a Skatepark and A viewing area for the World cup games, this was the adidas blockparty add come alive.














A big shout out to the guys at Cross Trainer SAhttp://www.xtrainer.co.za/ , who laced me up with some custom football jerseys –



And a big shout out to Jared – who gave me this fly Litho Book Plate for this project that he’s working on about South African Urban Art….




The day I was there was the day that Ghana played their infamous game with Uraguay. Everyone there was backing Ghana because they were the last African Country in the Cup. Soooo, as you can imagine, moral was on the low side ;)

BUT, ya can’t hang your head low forever, and my job became to make sure they could forget their problems for a bit and groove. Ya know what… let me stop yapping, cause it was all captured nicely on video below…

Ughh… So sad that I only got to chill there for a day. Oh well, more the reason for me to head back out there.
On that note – peace to Shaun Duvet of http://www.anythinggoes.co.za/ – the agency who for getting me out there ;) we have to do it again soon (hint hint)…

Next stop was my last stop…. Johannesburg.

And oh yes. I gots me a VUVUZELA.


The DNA of the Blueprint Revisited – Now Tracked out for your pleasure….

Mr Carter has made news most recently with the collabo with super producer Dr Dre. But an important one to me is a different but similar connection.

ambulance on Flickr”>jay and neil 1

Ah yes, patient the MC and the DJ .

It’s been a while now actually since I’ve played the backup roll for Jay- although MOST people still think I still DJ for Jay though, which makes me think people really don’t read my blogs or pay attention to my twitter ;) I still get asked on the daily.

I of course have moved on the bigger and better things – like ending up in the Star Wars “movie” with Snoop and Beckham, and travelling around the world solo for adidas…

Stormtrooper and the DJ...

But, another Bday Around the corner has got me Reminiscing over one of the most whirlwind times of my life.


About 3 months ago I dropped the DNA of the Blueprint on y’all, and for the most part barring a handful of critics… I think y’all liked it ;)


One complaint / request though, was that some of y’all NEEDED it Tracked out , seperated so you could fastforward and rewind with eaze in your car and whatnot.

And I’ve been slacking on that. BUT , since its my bday this Saturday, I figured it would be a good time to get my good karma up and give y’all , my supporters and fans a gift right back.

So here ya go – go here to Download the DNA of the Blueprint – Seperated Tracks ;)


Download a Freebee from the Past – the Best of 2005 Cornerstone Mixtape

Wow, troche in about 5 days its gonna be my Bday… and I can’t help but reflect.

To say I have a crazy life would be an understatement, help and when I do think back there have been a lot of turning points, remedy a lot of hallmark moments.

My buddy Vinroc used to have this theory that if you are on your proper “path”, things kind of come together for most people later in their life, when they hit their 30’s.

For me, that was well, back about 5 years ago ;)

I think what vinny said was kind of true… it was around that time that the outside non underground worldstarted to take notice of me.

Back in 2005 was the first time that Cornerstone asked me to do one of their infamous Mixtapes.

And I think that was one of the signs that I was moving into a different realm.

As it turns out, this mixtape wasn’t widely distributed to my normal fanbase. It was a “Best of” mix for that years music, and was really only sent to industry folk, you couldn’t buy it.

I recently dug it up, and I decided, it would be a good time to Revisit and reminisce over it with y’all my fans and critics. You can see how much time has passed, and what I was doing back then to prepare me for my life now…

Below is a Tracklist for my part of the cd. It starts with #33, as DJ Timbuktu did the 1st half of it. Mr Cee also was featured on it, thats why he’s on the cover. Back then, I didn’t get any cover love ;)

Its funny, the 1st track of the cd – well, it was Jay-z on it ;) Kind of prophetic don’t ya think? ;)

Cornerstone Mixtape


33. Memphis Bleek f. Jay Z Dear Summer Roc-A-Fella
34. Busta Rhymes Touch It Aftermath/Interscope
35. Pharrell f. Gwen Stefani Can I Have It Like That Star Trak/Interscope
36. Jennifer Lopez f. Fabolous Get Right Sony
37. Amerie 1 Thing Rise/Columbia/Sony Urban
38. Styles P f. Akon Can You Believe It Ruff Ryders/Interscope
39. Juelz Santana There It Go (The Whistle Song) Diplomats/Def Jam
40. Papoose Sharades Exclusive
41. De La Soul f. MF Doom Rock Co. Kane Flow Sanctuary Urban
42. 9th Wonder & Buckshot Side Talk Duck Down Records
43. Saigon Stocking Caps Hip Hop Since 1978/Fort Knocks/Atlantic
44. Raekwon Baggage Handlers Universal
45. Sheek Louch f. Beanie Sigel & Fabolous Kiss Ya Ass Goodbye Rmx D Block/Koch
46. 50 Cent f. Mobb Deep Outta Control Rmx Shady/Aftermath/G Unit/Interscope
47. Lil’ Kim Lighters Up Queen Bee/Atlantic Records
48. Slum Village Ez Up Barak Records
49. Foxy Brown f. Sizzla Come Fly With Me Def Jam
50. I Wayne Can’t Satisfy Her VP Records/Loyal Soldiers
51. The PCD’S f. Busta Rhymes Don’t Cha A&M Records
52. Ludacris No. 1 Spot D.T.P./Def Jam
53. Little Brother f. Joe Scudda Lovin’ It ABB Records/Atlantic Records
54. DangerDoom Sofa King Epitaph
55. Ghostface Killah Be Easy Def Jam
56. Common f. The Last Poets The Corner G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen
57. Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley Welcome To Jam Rock Ghetto Youths/Tuff Gong Records
58. T.O.K. Footprints VP Records

New Podcast – LIVE from the Soul Sessions in LA 4/23

illness on Flickr”>soulsessions 4/23/10

I got approached to do Soul Sessions quite awhile ago by Mitchell Bitanga aka Remitch.


Soulsessions is one of the still Existing DOPE parties in LA, ailment in the same vein as the historic rootdown and Do Over, where good music and good vibes is the top priority.

All in all I would say it was a good nite ;) A average normal crowd of 400 doubled to about 800 to party with me for my inaugural LA set on this last west coast run…

soulsessions 4/23/10

I hit them with a modified “Originals set” – being on a west coast “TOUR” – made me doing an “ALL VINYL SET difficult, and when I do a real Originals set, best believe its all vinyl. This time around I had to use some mp3’s so I wouldn’t get hit with the extra luggage / hurt my back syndrome.

soulsessions 4/23/10

It’s Been QUITE Some time since I’ve released a New Podcast, being on the road makes it very difficult to record.

Lucky for me and you and your cousin too, The soul Sessions guys were recording the set – So here it is for your listening pleasure –

LIVE FROM THE SOULSESSIONS – a little over an hour of my rocking for LA.

You will here some familiar stuff of course – A lot of these people want me to do stuff I do on my MIXTAPES, so there are some signature songs and transitions I drop.

BUT – I also do some stuff I’ve never done before (preview to the next “original” PERHAPS??? – shhhhh)

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as the crowd in LA did .

soulsessions 4/23/10

Peace to The Soul Sessions crew – Mitch, Jay villinueva, Bernie, DJ Plann B, Inka one for rockin wit me – ANYONE ELSE I MISSED!

Peace to maricel sison for taking all the fine flicks! Click HERE to see more from the nite…

soulsessions 4/23/10

5 and A dime / DJNA Tshirt cd Collabo NOW ONLINE – Limited supply…

viagra on Flickr”>The T-shirt Collabo hits the web

Well guys, we decided to give y’all in the twitterverse an opportunity to cop this SoCal Exclusive, but there isn’t much left so don’t dilly dally – Click here get your shopping on…

Just to remind y’all, a week ago I took a trip down to SUNNY San Diego – spanish for a whales vagina as we all know,

On my way to sunny san diego...

I signed some cds for this special collabo, met up with the folk Jay Huggins from 5 and a Dime and Bert Custodio who put together the dope artwork for the project, and of course was there to celebrate the event and Rock the Party for RHYTHM & RECREATION at Thin/Onyx.

Jay from 5 and A Dime and Neil Armstrong

Bert Custudio  the artist

Dj neil Armstrong and Jay from 5 and A dime


party people

A great time was had in the SD as always , getting to see Kuttin Kandi and enjoy the environment with Emily. Even the Hotel Room at the THE PEARL was crazy, with everyone having its own beta fish, and the personalization of a welcome letter to greet us when we got in – its all about the details…


Beta Fish in every room of the pearl

The Pearl

Private messages make everything

The whole event was captured by the fine folk at MAHFIA.com.

The Mahfia.com Crew

They Also put together a quick interview to make sure y’all get the scoop on how this all came together…


Peep the Video for more background on the collaboration, and make <a href=”http://www.5andadime.com/shop_list.php?Brand_ID=neilarmstrong&Gender=All&Type=All&Status=All”sure to get yours BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!


And peep out the picks from the party event etc etc right here –

TK and his peoples at Thin/Onyx

Luchini falling from the sky...

Neil Armstrong

G-Bo The Pro … I’m a Celebrate with you like its Cinco De Mayo…

G-Bo the Pro

case on Flickr”>g-bo the pro

That’s him and myself in the pic above.Does the name ring a bell for you??

Well if you are a fan of my mixtapes it should.

Although I get a LOT of props for what I do, treatment I am nowhere near the innovator (although I do put my own twitst on an old favorite if I do say so myself ;))

I got a lot of my blending style from listening to Mixtapes that were ON ACTUAL CASSETTES – Ones in particular made by the Duo of G-Bo the Pro and Rei Double R.

i was influenced SO much by them , I actually gave them a shoutout on one of my earliest Mixtapes – Sweeet .

Sweeet . The 1st of Neil’s Lovey Dovey Mixtapes that have set a standard for good music to cupcake too.

Click above for more info ;) Feel FREEEE to leave a comment or two as well please;)

Now, if you are not familiar with my man G-BO, here is an interview that was put together by my Toronto Family The Grand Groove Dj’s A little while back…

About two years ago now, I got the opportunity to Befriend my never before met mentor and his Mixtape partner in crime Rei Double R.

g-bo the pro

Around that same time, he started a party called , held at .

on May 5th, NYC, ya’ll will get a chance to witness the very first time – I’m going to be DJing with G-Bo the Pro, ALONGSIDE Fellow Super DJ’s TONY TOUCH, REI DOUBLE R, Victor Vargas, and DJ Dres, to Celebrate Properly, 2 YEARS of partying it up uptown style!

May 5th Weds - WayBack Whensday

For those that don’t know, this one is a big Deal, and this one is ON CINCO DE MAYO.

WayBack Whensday
2nd Anniversary

DJ Tony Touch
DJ Neil Armstrong
DJ Victor Vargas
DJ Rei Double R
DJ Dres

(They all latino of course, and I’m thrown in cause my real last name is Rodriguez ;) )

Doors Open
At 7PM EVERY ‘Whensday’ Camaradas (2241 1st Avenue on E 115th st)
Camaradas 2241 First Ave.
El bario NYC

Hit me @ [email protected] SUBJECT : CAMARADAS for guestlist BEFORE 11 pm!

Please come and join us as we celebrate the 2 year anniversary of WayBack Wednesdays, Cinco De Mayo, and the 1st OFFICIAL THrowdown of DJ Neil Armstrong & G-BO THE PRO.

From Flushing to Madison Square – me & my old boss in some new documentary…

This year I’ve moved on from the 3 stripes of the Blueprint to the 3 stripes of Adidas, sovaldi but there are still remnants of my days wearing all black everything surfacing in the public consciousness on the daily.

Recently a new Short Film has been making its rounds –

Director Danny Clinch and Hip-Hop Icon Pay Tribute to New York City with Black & White Short Film; Latest Creative Collaboration from World’s Most Iconic Vodka
NEW YORK (March 22, 2010) – Today, as part of an ongoing creative collaboration with JAY-Z and Madison Square Garden (MSG), ABSOLUT® VODKA introduces “NY-Z” – a 14-minute short film featuring JAY-Z and directed by popular music and culture photographer Danny Clinch. Featuring exclusive footage of JAY-Z and John Mayer as they prepare for the September 11 benefit concert at MSG, NY-Z offers a rare glimpse into the life of native New Yorker Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter as he discusses his hometown and what it means for an artist to “arrive” with a performance at the world’s most famous arena. The short film is available for viewing at facebook.com/ABSOLUT.

At that time I was still running around the world on the 1’s and 2’s for jay, so yours truly has appearances peppered throughout the documentary.





From Flushing to Madison Square ;) Roc Boys 4Ever….