2012, lets get it on…

Ah 2011, sovaldi I ended the chapter properly – with a full belly courtesy of Iron Chef Morimoto…

That's Iron Chef Morimoto cookin up our meal behind me!!


I turned the page DJing and ringing in the new year for the party peoples in Hawaii…


With Dj Compose , @roctakon

And started the next year with some divine inspiration – the 1st sunrise of 2012 with Emily.



In 2012, may your mushrooms always be sautéed, your onions always grilled, and your memories be unforgettable. Lets start this year off productive my peoples…


The Recap video – 10 year anniversary of “Original” – 2001 to 2011.

Oh what a night.

A lot of y’all came through, illness and TRIED to come through to my anniversary party for the 10 year anniversary of “Original”, troche brought to you by adidas last week in NYC.

Basically, it got super packed super quick, AND the person in charge of the door at the club (which I won’t even name here) was the opposite of cool.

Below is a video that recaps the event , which included some of the worlds finest DJ’s on the wheels…

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures that nite so i had to “borrow” some below. Shoot, I didn’t even get to DJ the event. Trouble with the venue kept me from getting on the wheels (if you wish to know the details I would be GLAD to BLAB. ;) ) However as you see from above, the crowd didn’t miss a step.

Big shouts to DJ Daddy Dog my crewmate from the 5th platoon days, DJ Total Eclipse – my mentor, member of the X-ecutioners / MOTM season 2 , G-bo the Pro mixtape legend who was the original architect of my style , DJ Spinna – the DJ who inspired “Original” , and Questlove.




Shout out to my manager sky for putting it all together, and for Jon Wexler from adidas. Thats my manager below goofing if ya didn’t know, next to a dude that pretty much stole one of these special track jackets. Eh, its ok. He’s a fan ;)


For all y’all who have been supporting me, thank you so much. Without y’all listening I couldn’t have gone this far, and I plan to keep going.

Next time we have an anniversary party though, we’ll make sure it’s at a GOOD spot, and make sure everyone gets in ;)

VIDEO : The 10 Year Anniversary of “Original”…

A mixtape. made a long time ago. Big whup. Watch the video below to learn why it is ;)

And make sure to RSVP to party with us TOMORROW nite NYC

Dj Neil Armstrong Celebrates 10 Years of “Original” Mixtape! from Billet Video Studios on Vimeo.

Wednesday, salve December 14th, cialis adidas will be celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of DJ Neil Armstrong’s first mixtape “ORIGINAL” at Greenhouse NYC!

We selected and are honored to have some of the DJs that have taught and inspired Neil—and that have carried the torch for this “feel good” as he has…

DJ Neil Armstrong
DJ Questlove
DJ Spinna
Total Eclipse
G-bo The Pro
DJ Daddy Dog
*and other guests…

join us as we celebrate the future by remembering the past…

for RSVP:

Neil Armstrong X gizmodo X huffingtonpost tech section

Do y’all know that in a previous life, health one of the jobs I held was “director of operations” for one of those pesky year 2000 internet startups. I got laid off, order decided to not go back to work and devoted my energy to DJing. The world acts in mysterious ways ;)

Regardless, I’m still a geek and gadget nerd for life, so getting any type of mention on gizmodo or any respectable technology site would fall under those things that would be reallllly cool.

Through a bit of luck, a picture taken by fellow tweeter @everydaydude of yours truly chillin in front of reed space nyc , ended up being used by a bunch of tech blogs to tell the world about Twitter’s new image gallery feature.


Screen shot 2011-08-22 at 8.56.05 PM

Although i would have loved to been in one of these sites blog posts because I was the next uber young internet gozillionaire, this is pretty dang cool too ;)

Urb Magazine shows me some Lollapalooza love…

sovaldi on Flickr”>urb lollapalooza love

Much love to @Urbmag for giving me spot number 9 for their Lollapalooza list of can’t miss acts .

From the article –

We first got to know this member of NYC’s 5th Platoon crew as Jay-Z touring DJ and a maker of many of our favorite mixtapes. But the always affable jock (and Adidas spokesperson) has been stepping out on his own lately, physician helping to fill a fairly large gap in the hip-hop DJing circuit. Equal parts DJ AM, Jazzy Jeff and Funkmaster Flex, Armstrong delivers New York style DJing to Chicago for his Lollapalooza debut.

Chicago… Let’s get it on baby. See y’all at Grant Park.

New Facebook DJ Neil Armstrong “FAN PAGE” – like it like like it!

help on Flickr”>Dj Neil Armstrong at work...

I’ve been busy at work… locked myself away for a bit because I’m trying to finish up the next mixtape.

BUT alas, ed I must take a quick break to tell y’all that I have finally made a DJ NEIL ARMSTRONG FAN FACEBOOK PAGE .

Why praytell?

Well, healing for one thing, I ran out of friend space quite a while ago, the 2nd time this has happened. First time around, I got kicked off of facebook.

Secondly, we’re doing a couple of giveaway contests soon, and I thought this would be the perfect time to use them to promote the new fan page.

Previously I’ve been just too dang lazy to set a new thing up… y’all know I’m already a blog, twitter and foursquare monster. But, now seems like the perfect time to join the rest of savvy interweb folk and put this page up.

We’ll be tying the contest to the new facebook fan page . What is the new contest?? Well, it has to do with This small “music festival” I’m going to be at this weekend…

Details to come, but in the meantime, won’t you like my facebook page? Come on now, even Kip Drordy got fans!

For those that missed the lunch breaks show with crazy legs…

Video streaming by Ustream

I cooked. Almost burned Crazy Leg’s House to the ground. They ate, generic I didn’t.

Surf and turf – bbq steak and shrimp with garlic butter rice and sauteed spinach.

they said it was delicious… and then I mixed some records. It’s all been recorded here for your viewing pleasure…

Thanks Crazy Legs and D-Stroy for making my first Lunch Breaks a memorable one!

Premiere issue of with some Neil Armstrong love love…

Sweeet, sovaldi sale 2011 has been good so far except for this dang NYC Snow…

For those caught up in it, viagra and for those all around the world, check check out Goodies Mag, which just came out with its Premiere issue today.

From the website

Founded by two New Yorkers in 2010 that were fed up with the mundane-ness of their existence and noticing a void in the traditional magazine world, they decided to take a risk and pool their talents to create something they and their peers would enjoy reading. Inspired by the NYC downtown scene, and ever-evolving art world, these two individuals aptly named Kelvin and Igor, came up with something that would fuse their diverse interests. The result was a contemporary lifestyle culture magazine with an adult twist called Goodies…,

Your’s truly was interviewed last year for their inaugural issue, peep it out by clicking the screenshots below, its on page 26 and 27 if your in a rush, but there is LOTS of good stuff in goodies to read baby. Shouts to DJ Get Live…

Screen shot 2011-01-27 at 1.14.50 PM

Screen shot 2011-01-27 at 1.14.55 PM

San Fran love from , Fully Laced, No Rival, Adapt and Breezy Excursion

Dj Neil Armstrong interview for from OpenLineMedia on Vimeo.

One of the Last times I was out in the bay I linked up with the cats from and chopped it up about with Marc “Owl Boogie” Aure at Fully Laced fashion boutique in San Francisco to discuss what young dj’s need to do in order to succeed in the music industry.

As stupid as my expression is for the still that vimeo used to represent the video, buy viagra the interview is still pretty helpful I think for those who are aspiring for more… so don’t use my strange grill piece to judge the content of the video please ;)

Much props 1st off to Romedigs and Jerome Palencia for puttin the vid together for the site.

ALSO much props to Fully Laced, find No Rival, Adapt Clothing, and Breezy Excursion for the Gear Flow.

For my cali folk, especially the Yay Area supa Giant’s fans , these guys put out a lot of stuff to show how you put on for your city…



Breezy excursions

No Rival



Much love to Fully Laced for their dope shop at the top of a foggy hill in an area of SF I had never been to before ;)

They have my mixtapes for sale at the Spot, by the way ;)

If you are in the bay area, make sure to make this a must visit destination spot for the snap back hats, collectibles, and dope gear (and dope mixtapes!!!) …






The Last Days of FatBeats NYC, thru my eyes…

Almost 3 weeks ago, search the last stop for hip hop in NYC and the world closed its doors.

rx on Flickr”>The Last Day- PACCKKKEED.

I was happy to lend my craft to the closing ceremonies, cialis I was happy to be a part of the history and to be able to witness 1st hand the last days, minutes and seconds of the place called FATBEATS.

the 5th platoon on the wall...

One funny tidbit of Neil Armstrong history that is tied to fatbeats is actually my name. One of the 1st people to call me Neil Armstrong was Joe, pictured below, who started Fat Beats 16 years ago…

joe from fatbeats

I wish I could have been there everyday, but duty called and I was only able to check some of the weeks activities, and of course to throwdown with my old crewmate Roli Rho.

on the wheels of steel...

The perfect scenario would have been if all the 3 original founding members of the 5th Platoon could have made it, which would have of course included daddy dog who couldn’t make it because he was out of town working…

Our first 5th Platoon group shot

The last week was a reunion of sorts, getting to see fellow heads either doing their thing or just chillin – from all the Dj homies throughout the years , to the MC’s that I first Dj’ed for – the Arsonists… yeah, Jay-z wasn’t the 1st one I worked with ;)

Sugarcuts / Flud watches / tableturns

Breeze Brewin of the Jugganots with DJ Boo

The 1st MC's I hung out wit - the Arsonists

DJ Avee , Rob Swift

masta ace

Just, A trak, and myself

MC Supernatural

breez evaflowin , C-Rayz - Stronghold.

Neil Armstrong, Eric Haze, A-Trak, Dave 1 of Chromeo

dj Scratch from uptop!

grand wizzard theodore

As you see, Hip Hop was alive… as alive as I’ve seen it in NYC in Ages…

Wu-Tang being played...

I played dj duties for one of the new generation of “true hip hop” Tanya Morgan

Then it was on to what the 5th Platoon were known for…

It was nice to get on the wheels one last time for Fatbeats … Most likely, that will be the last time that 5th Platoon Performs… just like fat beats, the members of the crew have entered new chapters of their lives..

It felt like old times in NYC again. As you see, even though I’ve found my place in a different world, my heart is hip hop to the core. I was geeking at all that was going on… Even a cypher broke out across the street from fatbeats… Something I haven’t witnessed in ages…

Caron WHEELER, the beautiful voice and person behind Soul II Soul’s Back to life came thru with DJ Spinna on the wheels…

And Finally, DJ PREMIER ended the night that was the LAST day of fatbeats.

While it was crazy to have all these performances… it was more important for that moment, to be around a community of true hip hop fans. Something that just doesn’t happen anymore…

And I’m not gonna blame the end of the era on anyone or anything, which has been a very popular stance as of late.

Its the time. Times have changed.

But for this moment it felt great to bring it back. even after the performances, HEADS WERE STILL WAITING IN LINE TO GET INTO THE STORE… just to be a witness to it.

dj premier closes the nite out...

Most of the real heads , who were there working, or just super fans, we weren’t even upstairs watching the performances… we were out in the street, or busy keepin it together , doing crowd control or workin the register…

Neil Armstrong, C-Rayz Walz

cypher grows...

Mr len


DJ Amir

david lui - fatbeats true head...

dj precision

thank y'all fatbeats heads for the crowd control...

Matt, The Audible Doctor, J_57

DJ Eclipse

people STILL clamoring in

The last couple of pics above are from the Cats who made fat beats what it was in the end, who kept it alive as they worked there daily, hung out there daily, because they loved hip hop and being around it. Much props to y’all – Brown Bag All-star crew, I hope to see y’all blow up huge one day!

Before I became “Neil Armstrong”, I was a fan. Just a fan, and that I will always be… a fan of hip hop , a member of its culture.

Even with all the accolades and achievements I’ve been able to make in my so called career… my most fulfilling moment is when I see the people I used to run with, who I used chill with…. and they tell me, How proud they are, that I’ve been able to reach the level that I have..

The people who you see in these flicks , they are the ones I’m referring too. And basically, without them, without the culture of fatbeats… I wouldn’t be me.

This last video are the last words that Joe aka DJ JAB will ever say in Fat Beats NYC. Joe, thank you and thank you to the crew at fat beats for everything y’all have done. Much love to DJ Eclipse for holding down Fat Beats NYC for as long as I’ve been there takin up space in the store…

The store has closed. The community of people have changed. Now its about “social networking”, instead of face to face interaction. Fat Beats will go on in cyberspace, so MAKE SURE, to stop thru – FATBEATS.COM

peace fatbeats...

Sept 3rd – Fri – The 5th Platoon DJ’s reunite 1 last time for Fatbeats NYC – from 5-6 pm

try on Flickr”>IMG_0914

I’m in LA right now, actually on my way to SLC tonite. And of course, I had to make a stopover at Fat Beats LA …

As you should all know by now, Fatbeats NYC and Fatbeats LA will cease to exist in a Few Weeks, Marking an END to An ERA… one that is very near and dear to me as a fan and as a member of the Hip Hop Community.


I had to make sure to take in all the history of the LA store and capture bits and pieces of it for myself to remember when its gone…












If these walls could speak…. The Hip Hop history here is overwhelming… From Dr. Dre, to Q-bert… they’re signatures are all up on these walls.

Its only fitting, that this next promo piece is up here in the LA store…


Now as previously stated… 5th Platoon Crew was born out of Fat Beats.




As time has gone on, we’ve all gone in different directions. Kuttin Kandi is out in San Diego, DJ Do Boy is conquering the corporate world, Daddy Dog is off on a Ship right now DJing, I.Emerge is off making his mark on music , Vinroc is on the production tip out in San Fran….

I haven’t performed with my old crewmates in A VERY LONG TIME…. I think maybe 6 years ago I would say.

Those of you who have been following me know that I’ve been kind of busy bringing up my own brand to the level that its currently at;)

I think its an appropriate time for the 5th Platoon to ride for one last time for Fat Beats.

SEPTEMBER 3rd Friday
DJ Neil Armstrong and DJ Roli Rho perform
5th Platoon returns to the turntables
The Fatbeats Closing Schedule


Unfortunately the rest of the crewmates are spreadout all over the place, so its just gonna be myself and Roli Rho this time around, 2 of the 3 original founding members of the DJ Collective known as the 5th Platoon. And we will be bringing ya’ll back with some classic routines…

Performing with us will be one of my all time favorites Masta Ace,Tanya Morgan, J-Live, Pacewon and the Brown Bag All Stars .


Fatbeats, you will be missed,but most definitely NOT forgotten.

Underground will live forever baby… we just like roaches… – DJ Premier

5th Platoon 10 Year Anniversary White Tee

Check out my swag yo, I chill out wit ballplayers – The Rookie photoshoot….

Since I think 2006 one of my all time favorite gigs has been the NBA Rookie PhotoShoot.

Why?? Because I get to chillout and play music all day for the future stars of professional Basketball. Thats me and that dude from the supersonic’s Durant something or other when he was a rookie.

cure on Flickr”>durant_and_neil

Last year I had to miss it because I was running around the world with Mr. Carter, view but this year I wasn’t going to miss the festivities…

In the past years it tends to be fun, purchase and what people seem to easily forget, is that most of these rookies are just kids… probably cause they’re about 20 feet taller then the average person.

I needed to stand on a chair to be on eye level with them. Stupid tall people.

only if I stand on a chair am I at eye level. Freakin monster people.

Being that these guys are Huge Kids, they’re favorite songs are the current slurry of hits – In this case, I played Teach them how to Dougie about 5 times, and of course all the southern slang I had in my computer…

When those songs hit… well, the players start whylin out.

DeMarcus Cousins

The top Cutup of this squad, was DeMarcus Cousins, a gold star to john wall too. Wouldn’t be suprised if he ends up on Dancing with the stars when he retires…

THEN, its usually a quick step away to them wanting to “Learn” How to DJ… or at least… Look like they know how to DJ.


DeMarcus Cousins, Lance Stephenson, derrick favors


Anyways, it always turns into a hot mess….

This situation usually ends up getting some “Real NBA News Coverage” –

Screen shot 2010-08-23 at 1.40.37 PM

The folk over at this one up –

And of course, I get to interact and meet with the future players of the NBA.

One person in particular that was cool to meet was Jeremy Lin , who is I’m pretty sure… the 1st Asian American to play for the NBA.

Jeremy lin discussing nerdy stuff with me

Jeremy Lin

For the most part, its him and a bunch of black dudes…. Yeah, I can relate to that.

HOTC pics from Lenny S

Still, I’m a fan of the game and the players and their bright futures… so yes I got some autographs and flicks, and got to share my craft with them…

Evan Turner

wes johnson






A fun as watching them DJ was… this is what they make the big bucks for… ballin.

Until Next year , good luck to you rookies in the upcoming year!

The Made Space – “Visions of Visionaries” Interview…

You guys remember when I went out to berlin and I went to that crazy MADE space with the thingy and the dome and the crazy lights???

buy cialis on Flickr”>IMG_0781

When I was there they did a nice little interview that they recently put up on their made blog – called “Visions for Visionaries”.

Here it is below. I like this one a lot, cheap more personal, more about the life….


For our latest “Visions of Visionaries” we got together with acclaimed dj Neil Armstrong to talk about his passion for music, how it all got started, his work with Jay-Z and much more.

It’s always surprising to see for us from which background some artists actually come from. I mean who would have thought that once a chemical engineer will be spinning Hip Hop tunes for the inauguration of the first black President of the United States?!

Stop dreaming. It’s real!

The DNA of the Blueprint Revisited – Now Tracked out for your pleasure….

Mr Carter has made news most recently with the collabo with super producer Dr Dre. But an important one to me is a different but similar connection.

ambulance on Flickr”>jay and neil 1

Ah yes, patient the MC and the DJ .

It’s been a while now actually since I’ve played the backup roll for Jay- although MOST people still think I still DJ for Jay though, which makes me think people really don’t read my blogs or pay attention to my twitter ;) I still get asked on the daily.

I of course have moved on the bigger and better things – like ending up in the Star Wars “movie” with Snoop and Beckham, and travelling around the world solo for adidas…

Stormtrooper and the DJ...

But, another Bday Around the corner has got me Reminiscing over one of the most whirlwind times of my life.


About 3 months ago I dropped the DNA of the Blueprint on y’all, and for the most part barring a handful of critics… I think y’all liked it ;)


One complaint / request though, was that some of y’all NEEDED it Tracked out , seperated so you could fastforward and rewind with eaze in your car and whatnot.

And I’ve been slacking on that. BUT , since its my bday this Saturday, I figured it would be a good time to get my good karma up and give y’all , my supporters and fans a gift right back.

So here ya go – go here to Download the DNA of the Blueprint – Seperated Tracks ;)

Download a Freebee from the Past – the Best of 2005 Cornerstone Mixtape

Wow, troche in about 5 days its gonna be my Bday… and I can’t help but reflect.

To say I have a crazy life would be an understatement, help and when I do think back there have been a lot of turning points, remedy a lot of hallmark moments.

My buddy Vinroc used to have this theory that if you are on your proper “path”, things kind of come together for most people later in their life, when they hit their 30’s.

For me, that was well, back about 5 years ago ;)

I think what vinny said was kind of true… it was around that time that the outside non underground worldstarted to take notice of me.

Back in 2005 was the first time that Cornerstone asked me to do one of their infamous Mixtapes.

And I think that was one of the signs that I was moving into a different realm.

As it turns out, this mixtape wasn’t widely distributed to my normal fanbase. It was a “Best of” mix for that years music, and was really only sent to industry folk, you couldn’t buy it.

I recently dug it up, and I decided, it would be a good time to Revisit and reminisce over it with y’all my fans and critics. You can see how much time has passed, and what I was doing back then to prepare me for my life now…

Below is a Tracklist for my part of the cd. It starts with #33, as DJ Timbuktu did the 1st half of it. Mr Cee also was featured on it, thats why he’s on the cover. Back then, I didn’t get any cover love ;)

Its funny, the 1st track of the cd – well, it was Jay-z on it ;) Kind of prophetic don’t ya think? ;)

Cornerstone Mixtape


33. Memphis Bleek f. Jay Z Dear Summer Roc-A-Fella
34. Busta Rhymes Touch It Aftermath/Interscope
35. Pharrell f. Gwen Stefani Can I Have It Like That Star Trak/Interscope
36. Jennifer Lopez f. Fabolous Get Right Sony
37. Amerie 1 Thing Rise/Columbia/Sony Urban
38. Styles P f. Akon Can You Believe It Ruff Ryders/Interscope
39. Juelz Santana There It Go (The Whistle Song) Diplomats/Def Jam
40. Papoose Sharades Exclusive
41. De La Soul f. MF Doom Rock Co. Kane Flow Sanctuary Urban
42. 9th Wonder & Buckshot Side Talk Duck Down Records
43. Saigon Stocking Caps Hip Hop Since 1978/Fort Knocks/Atlantic
44. Raekwon Baggage Handlers Universal
45. Sheek Louch f. Beanie Sigel & Fabolous Kiss Ya Ass Goodbye Rmx D Block/Koch
46. 50 Cent f. Mobb Deep Outta Control Rmx Shady/Aftermath/G Unit/Interscope
47. Lil’ Kim Lighters Up Queen Bee/Atlantic Records
48. Slum Village Ez Up Barak Records
49. Foxy Brown f. Sizzla Come Fly With Me Def Jam
50. I Wayne Can’t Satisfy Her VP Records/Loyal Soldiers
51. The PCD’S f. Busta Rhymes Don’t Cha A&M Records
52. Ludacris No. 1 Spot D.T.P./Def Jam
53. Little Brother f. Joe Scudda Lovin’ It ABB Records/Atlantic Records
54. DangerDoom Sofa King Epitaph
55. Ghostface Killah Be Easy Def Jam
56. Common f. The Last Poets The Corner G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen
57. Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley Welcome To Jam Rock Ghetto Youths/Tuff Gong Records
58. T.O.K. Footprints VP Records

The New Zealand Wrapup

diagnosis on Flickr”>IMG_1109

Yes Yes, healing When I went to New Zealand , diagnosis I definitely felt like a king for a day, thanks to the good folk at adidas, Show Room 22, and Frank and Ivy Liew of Qubic ( and quarters.

From the moment I got off the plane the new zealand Hospitality was imminent , with a nice hand written welcome note and a few gifts ,including the local Rugby Team ALL BLACKS jersey and a boxset of New Zealand Music Artist hits, which I’ve gladly added to my music collection.


i got to do it all it seemed, from Bungy Jumping, to Interviews, to good eats, to site seeing and Party Rocking…







It was ALL captured by NICELY here by frank liew and qubic, directed by Sean Wallace. Another “Day in the Life” type video, with a lot more in depth interviewing and a really good look at what its like for me on the road….

In fact, I had 2 GROUPS of cameras following me, as I made the LATE NIGHT NEWS on TVNZ in their showbiz section…


Screen shot 2010-06-14 at 2.45.04 PM

For those planning a Next GREAT Trip, I would highly suggest New Zealand…

Their Humor is amazin – as we all know from FLIGHT of the Concords and their bungy jumping – look at how their bathrooms look, and their “waiver sheet” , which they call a “toe tag”. HILARIOUS.



The food is pretty dang tasty – they even have REAL ACAI, like the stuff down in Brazil, not that American Crap. This is the only other place I’ve seen this stuff served Proper.They got proper meat pies (pause) and of course there is Burger Fuel, which I think gives In & Out a run for their money as far as Burgers go…



They got great stores like Qubic and Quarters for your street wear needs –



They even got Benecio Del Toro Selling ICe cream out there. COME ON. How crazy is that.


They got great local artists like David Dallas holding it down over there ON a global scale , as his work has been blogged up on Kanye Wests site.


SHOOT – I even ran into STEVE AOKI , our first meeting , A NY and LA AUCKLAND Connection –


As you can imagine, I can’t wait until I get to hit the other side of the world again… and I suggest that y’all make New Zealand a Destination on YOUR world tour …

Until the next time ;)


AJHB_AJHA_2010_06_03_C1000_1818 X 5 and A Dime X Mr Armstrong interview time…

Y’all remember that LTD T-shirt Collabo / Event I did in San Diego with 5 and A Dime a little whiles back?

Good Times and a good t-shirt if I do say so myself….

The guys and gals at were there documenting the whole event, sickness and even got an interview together.

Below, here is the final product. More insight into the project, another view into the daily life of this DJ guy, and a recap of the festivities all in one…


By the way – I believe we literally have a fewww pieces left in those odd sizes , so if ya one of these collector item types, this is your chance to get them b4 they’re gone….

Head over to this link right here.

I’ve gone intergalactic – from the Roc Boys and Jay-z to the Cantina Band and Obi-wan.

I’m in star wars, buy viagra and Snoop Dogg is a Jedi. MY CAREER HIGHLIGHT BY FAR.
rx on Flickr”>star wars cantina

generic on Flickr”>star wars cantina

star wars cantina

I got inducted into the Alien Star Wars Cantina Band, courtesy of Adidas ;)

Another DREAM COME TRUE, that I never knew I was supposed to even dream. Yeah, I’m geeked out. I was in a video with Han Solo dammit.

from the press release ”

adidas Originals presents the Star Wars™ Cantina 2010:
The most Original place to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup™

Herzogenaurach, June 1st, 2010 – The latest instalment of the 2010 Originals campaign, “The Street Where Originality Lives,” combines Star Wars, adidas and the world’s largest sporting event in a cinematic first that takes the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ to a whole new galaxy. The film is a creative re-edit of one of the most famous Star Wars movie scenes – the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine – and features David Beckham, Franz Beckenbauer, Snoop Dogg, Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown, Ciara, Jay Baruchel, Daft Punk and DJ Neil Armstrong, not to mention Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3P0 and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This unique film was created as a result of a close partnership with Lucasfilm Ltd.

“The theme of the 2010 Originals campaign is a neighborhood of originality,” explained Tom Ramsden, Global Director of Communications, adidas Originals. “It brings together all elements of adidas Originals and the diverse people who wear it – artists, athletes, musicians, skaters and so on all in one place, doing what they love to do. So when we thought about how to best present adidas’ partnerships with Star Wars and the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, we immediately thought of temporarily turning the Mos Eisley Cantina into a place to watch some football and invite some friends along. The result is a truly unique, original film.”

Adidas Global Music Ambassador…

Adicup 2010 NYC Recap from the DJ Booth…

here on Flickr”>IMG_0838

Ahh Adicup 2010. It was a good day of fun, sun, food, friends and friendly competition.

This year was amazin and fun filled. It’s come alooong way from when I first started this gig back in the day ;)
Here are some pics from the day – congrats to all the winners! Can’t wait til next year ;)


Emily and me

Oliver and me

good food

Little kids love soccer too


josh madden, sky and me



click here for mo pics

A Visit to the Made Space in Berlin…

purchase on Flickr”>IMG_0758

Our last day in Berlin, and we saved the best for last.

Phil G from Soto invited us to this space after he was done blowin up a ton of balloons with highsnobiety’s Dave .


A space thats is called MADE.



I was unsure what to expect when me and Sky arrived… and even afterwards I’m still pretty dumbfounded.




Built from the ideas of some key creative minds in particular TADIROCK, this MADE was a space created for the sheer point of CREATING . Creating Art, Creating a message, Creating greatness.

Much like Andy Warhol’s Factory in NYC from the 60’s , this is a place that was built for artists from all around the world to come together and make dreams come true.

A better way to explain it, would be to let the People of Made do the talking –

MADE trailer from MADE Blog on Vimeo.

From their blog

an inspiring place where creative minds
from different fields come together.
a living platform where they create a vision
of something extraordinary and bring it to life.

This space has only been open for about 2 months, and Phil G and Nico Zeh gave us the grand tour .

The aesthetic and functionality of the space as described in the video above are amazing.
They actually modelled the foyer entrance after one of my fav movies of all timeStar Wars . A lot of white , boxlike modular walls…

BUT , what catches the eye 1st is the CRAZY CRAZY LIGHTING SYSTEM.




This lighting system is patented, the 1st of its kind. THey wanted to create a lighting system where you could control the mode thru color, a lighting system where a photographer could have 24 hour daylight and shoot with no shadows, and this system is what they came up with.

You can LITERALLY CHANGE EACH light to a different color, or change sections of it, or put them on a loop, all from ONE central control. simply Amazing.


Peep the video below as they let me mess around with the shine.

The space itself, is malleable. Like how Bruce Lee tells his student to “Be Like Water, so is this space.

The walls are movable, the furniture, even the bar can be moved around to suit your creative needs.



The 1st Art installation created and shown at this space was this snowglobe project by Sneaker connoisseur Yoske Nishiumi and photographer Alex Flach, who put their heads together to come up with this extraordinary vision.

Snowglobe Project by Alex Flach and Yoske Nishiumi @ MADE from MADE Blog on Vimeo.

A big part of this project, was that the viewer would end up becoming part of the art piece, and Myself and Sky Gellatly got to do just that.








The guys at MADE ended up interviewing myself and sky, picking our brains about the space, about possible ideas that I have that I would like to have come to frution.

Who knows, you guys might see an upcoming blog about the Extraordinary thing I plan to Make in Berlin….

And to the Hood… East Berlin, West Berlin, and Worldwide…

levitra on Flickr”>Standing where the berlin wall once stood...

Here I am, viagra one foot in the old East Berlin, one in the west.

It is a beautiful town and I will recapping my shenanigans here for the rest of this week, as I got to see and do quite a bit.

However, we’ll start with the reason I was out there in the 1st place – The No 74 Block Party! Initially meant to be on May 15th, we had to move it to the 16th due to Rain, BUT the weather gods shined their lights on us and made it a great day regardless….


On this street Torstrasse, a bunch of stores got together and threw a honest to goodness Block Party, Flying myself in alongside Berlins own modselektor . Folk of all types came thru, from kiddies to young hipsters, to grandmamas and papas.


A bunch of brands were present and accounted for – Pauls Boutique, Soto, UndPlus Collabroom, Oh Lalaaa and Uslu Airlines.

Overall it was an amazing event, as captured here by Highsnobiety

Pics from the event as captured by No 74 are here.


The Party got CARRAZY when Modselktor got on, and ended with a massive Pillow / Feather Fight…


Well. In this case, it was a PRE PARTY, as the party was moved to the next day and the afterparty stayed the same on May 15th.


Thrown by Soto and Highsnobiety at this spot called weekend which was on the 15th floor of a buildin…





Good times were had by all ;) More pics and updates to come

New Podcast – LIVE from the Soul Sessions in LA 4/23

illness on Flickr”>soulsessions 4/23/10

I got approached to do Soul Sessions quite awhile ago by Mitchell Bitanga aka Remitch.


Soulsessions is one of the still Existing DOPE parties in LA, ailment in the same vein as the historic rootdown and Do Over, where good music and good vibes is the top priority.

All in all I would say it was a good nite ;) A average normal crowd of 400 doubled to about 800 to party with me for my inaugural LA set on this last west coast run…

soulsessions 4/23/10

I hit them with a modified “Originals set” – being on a west coast “TOUR” – made me doing an “ALL VINYL SET difficult, and when I do a real Originals set, best believe its all vinyl. This time around I had to use some mp3’s so I wouldn’t get hit with the extra luggage / hurt my back syndrome.

soulsessions 4/23/10

It’s Been QUITE Some time since I’ve released a New Podcast, being on the road makes it very difficult to record.

Lucky for me and you and your cousin too, The soul Sessions guys were recording the set – So here it is for your listening pleasure –

LIVE FROM THE SOULSESSIONS – a little over an hour of my rocking for LA.

You will here some familiar stuff of course – A lot of these people want me to do stuff I do on my MIXTAPES, so there are some signature songs and transitions I drop.

BUT – I also do some stuff I’ve never done before (preview to the next “original” PERHAPS??? – shhhhh)

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as the crowd in LA did .

soulsessions 4/23/10

Peace to The Soul Sessions crew – Mitch, Jay villinueva, Bernie, DJ Plann B, Inka one for rockin wit me – ANYONE ELSE I MISSED!

Peace to maricel sison for taking all the fine flicks! Click HERE to see more from the nite…

soulsessions 4/23/10

5 and A dime / DJNA Tshirt cd Collabo NOW ONLINE – Limited supply…

viagra on Flickr”>The T-shirt Collabo hits the web

Well guys, we decided to give y’all in the twitterverse an opportunity to cop this SoCal Exclusive, but there isn’t much left so don’t dilly dally – Click here get your shopping on…

Just to remind y’all, a week ago I took a trip down to SUNNY San Diego – spanish for a whales vagina as we all know,

On my way to sunny san diego...

I signed some cds for this special collabo, met up with the folk Jay Huggins from 5 and a Dime and Bert Custodio who put together the dope artwork for the project, and of course was there to celebrate the event and Rock the Party for RHYTHM & RECREATION at Thin/Onyx.

Jay from 5 and A Dime and Neil Armstrong

Bert Custudio  the artist

Dj neil Armstrong and Jay from 5 and A dime


party people

A great time was had in the SD as always , getting to see Kuttin Kandi and enjoy the environment with Emily. Even the Hotel Room at the THE PEARL was crazy, with everyone having its own beta fish, and the personalization of a welcome letter to greet us when we got in – its all about the details…


Beta Fish in every room of the pearl

The Pearl

Private messages make everything

The whole event was captured by the fine folk at

The Crew

They Also put together a quick interview to make sure y’all get the scoop on how this all came together…


Peep the Video for more background on the collaboration, and make <a href=””sure to get yours BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!


And peep out the picks from the party event etc etc right here –

TK and his peoples at Thin/Onyx

Luchini falling from the sky...

Neil Armstrong

The Roc Boys Family Reunion…

treatment on Flickr”>Roc Boys Reunion in Indiana

Ughh, physician on my last little world wurlwind Run, I made a stopover in Stockholm sweden. 1st Time out here rocking solo actually. But not my 1st time here.

The 1st Time I was here in Sweden was with Jay-z and the Roc Boys Band.

In fact, my time here was the 1st Blog Post I ever made when I used to have this tour blog up for LTD Magazine. Peep myself, with Members of the Horn Section site seeing in the Old City Below.

Now of course, this brought back many a memory for me.

If ya’ll been paying attention to my recent journeys, I actually missed doing the last tour with Jay as my schedule went from working with the 3 stripes of the Blueprint, to the Three Stripes of Adidas. I’m not really sure if I ever will go on tour again to be honest, you know when its time for the kid to leave the parents nest, your success is when you make your own path, when you find your own home.

I did a lot of travelling when I was on tour, and did many significant groundbreaking events . Being the First Hip Hop Representative on the 1’s and 2’s to celebrate the inauguration of A U.S. President. Backing up Jay for tons of Rock Festivals all over europe, helping him hold down the headline spot at the Glastonbury Festival, the 1st Time A Hip Hop Act ever did that…

I actually DO NOT miss a lot of it. The Touring life… It’s a hectic one. Every nite you sleep in a different bed. You live your life on buses and airplanes, and trains. You are gone from the place you are visiting before you even get there . It seems glamourous, but that lifestyle is meant for a strong chosen few, not everyone is meant to handle it.

You leave your friends and your family behind, constantly surrounded by unfamiliar faces with the exception for the people that are on the road with you. So the People you travel with… they become your family. The Roc Boys, they became my family, for better and for worse ;) .

Now , the Roc boys have gone through some personnel changes throughout my time with Jay – mostly the Horn section changes, and now my man Young GURU is on the 1’s and 2’s . The last time we were on tour, this was the lineup, and mostly its stayed the same –

Out of everything on tour I could miss, chillin with the roc boys on the top of that short list.

l to r : me, tony royster jr, Shaun Carrington, Omar Edwards, Tony chicago Russell, the core of the roc boys

Now don’t get it twisted. I was The Asian Dude with a bunch of black Folk on tour… so best believe I got a lot of heckling. But its like a tour of duty when you go to war I guess… You go through a shared experience that no one else has, you end up making brothers.

When we made a stop in Indiana last month, I did an afterparty for one of the concerts, and for the 1st time in a while I got to see the Roc Boys,and it was like I said above… A family Reunion ….

Roc Boys Reunion in Indiana

When we got together, it was all pounds and smiles… A lot of, “we miss you brother neil”, and I mos Definitely missed them… even after all the crap they would give me ;)

Roc Boys Reunion in Indiana

The Roc Boys ARE :

Omar Edwards – Musical Director / Keys
Shaun Carrington – Guitar
Tony “Chicago” Russell – Bass
Tony Royster Jr – Drums
Brett Baker – Percussion
Jeff Bradshaw – Trombone
Aaron Goode – Trombone (current)
Lamont Caldwell – Sax
Monty Reynolds – Keys
Lee Hogans – Trumpet
Matt Cappy – Trumpet (current)

And me ;) Yours truly, gets to say he Rocked with the Best. Here below are some of our greatest hits ;)

The Roc boys on the way to Nigeria – on the G4 ;)

Roc Boys at the All Points West Festival

Roc Boys at the Inauguration of President Obama

Roc Boys Horns at Electric Lady Studios

Hazing the Roc Boys

Me And Matt Cappy At Wimbledon

The Roc boys and Jay are about to head out on tour again soon. Right now they are gettin ready to tear down COCHELLA . Myself… well my own wings are spread now… and I got a bit of touring to do of my own ;) CALIFORNIA AND HAWAII… HERE I COME.

Roc Boys. Salute .

From Flushing to Madison Square – me & my old boss in some new documentary…

This year I’ve moved on from the 3 stripes of the Blueprint to the 3 stripes of Adidas, sovaldi but there are still remnants of my days wearing all black everything surfacing in the public consciousness on the daily.

Recently a new Short Film has been making its rounds –

Director Danny Clinch and Hip-Hop Icon Pay Tribute to New York City with Black & White Short Film; Latest Creative Collaboration from World’s Most Iconic Vodka
NEW YORK (March 22, 2010) – Today, as part of an ongoing creative collaboration with JAY-Z and Madison Square Garden (MSG), ABSOLUT® VODKA introduces “NY-Z” – a 14-minute short film featuring JAY-Z and directed by popular music and culture photographer Danny Clinch. Featuring exclusive footage of JAY-Z and John Mayer as they prepare for the September 11 benefit concert at MSG, NY-Z offers a rare glimpse into the life of native New Yorker Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter as he discusses his hometown and what it means for an artist to “arrive” with a performance at the world’s most famous arena. The short film is available for viewing at

At that time I was still running around the world on the 1’s and 2’s for jay, so yours truly has appearances peppered throughout the documentary.





From Flushing to Madison Square ;) Roc Boys 4Ever….

Adidas Originals & Neil Armstrong Welcome y’all to the neighborhood….


So you guys have most likely seen the Imperial March Recreation we did in NYC with me and Snoop Dogg, drugstore and hopefully the Star Wars X Adidas video short that hit the internet last Jan – I put a post up about it in this here hypebeast blog so if you haven’t seen it for shame for shame!


Well, buy this is the FULL length add, cure introducing you to the street where originality Lives – with a plethora of Adidas Representatives across the Entertainment plane. And your’s truly , Neil Armstrong is one of the Hip Hop Representatives holding it down for adidas and for Originality – and you know this ;)

Quite a list. Peep my cameo where I kick in the door… they had me set up in all this crazy gear just to get like… a half second shot ;)

Screen shot 2010-03-17 at 8.11.58 PM

Welcome to the street where originality lives; the adidas Originals neighborhood. This is where athletes, musicians, skaters, artists, entertainers and more all come together to show their colors, their style and their originality.

Our neighbors include Adrienne Bailon, Agyness Deyn, Ana Ivanovic, Calle 13, Cheer Chen, Ciara, David Beckham, DJ Neil Armstrong, Fernando Verdasco, Hyori Lee, Ian Brown, Jay Baruchel, Jeremy Scott, Louise Roe, Mr. Hudson, N-Dubz, Noel Gallagher, Snoop Dogg, Tallulah Morton, Whitney Port and, most importantly, YOU!

Become a Fan:

The Next Chapter Begins…

What a year its been so far.

2010 has held only one constant for me, malady and that is that things are CONSTANTLY CHANGING.

Here we now have for the 1st time, a website for the brand –

I welcome of y’all to the new site, which will be the homebase to get a taste of all my future projects and endeavors. But lets take a quick sec back to about a month ago, when the next chapter of my life started.

Time to reflect.

What has happened in my life over the last two years is nothing short of incredible.

2010 is poised to be a boundary-pushing year for me–new horizons and new creative challenges. Above all: the start of the next chapter.

If in January of 2008 you told me that I would travel the world with Jay-Z, perform at the Olympics in Beijing and at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball with the Roc Boys, have bagels on Damien Hirst’s boat, represent the elements of hip-hop alongside Kanye and Coldplay, perform at MSG for the firefighters and police lost in 9/11–and now be featured in a global TV campaign for Adidas and Star Wars (with David Beckham and Snoop Dogg nonetheless)–I would have said, “yeah right.” Didn’t you know: I’m just a turntablist?

But that has all happened. Now in 2010 you will see me embark on a new chapter in my life: as a Global Spokesperson for Adidas.

I’ve gone from the three red stripes of the Blueprint 3 and onto the three white stripes of Adidas. From the premier face of hip-hop to the kicks that rep it best: my adidas.

For Jay’s upcoming tour, my familiar face will not be there behind the 1’s and 2’s. Hov will be “Armstrong-less,” but I’m sure that he and the Roc Boys will be more than alright. And who knows, maybe if my schedule and Mr. Carter’s coincide, and the stars align for the right reasons, you might see me at a stadium near you — once again throwing up that almighty diamond.

But for now , my seemingly impossible career, has led me to the brand that coined the term ‘Impossible Is Nothing’.

While the Roc Boys and Mr. Carter are poised to travel far and wide in the name of the music I love most, I’ll be on my own award tour repping for Adidas and rocking parties for you the people. And when I’m not on the road, I’ll be back in the lab, back in my creative space making new mixes and an array of other musical treasures. (**I know a lot of y’all new fans know me as Jay-Z’s tour DJ–but previous to that I was known for the “gourmet mixtapes” that I would drop every so often).

Now let the story begin with this … a project I have been working on for quite awhile which I was planning on dropping right before this next tour started…

Download here for free – The DNA of the Blueprint. A tribute mix to thank Mr. Carter for all the amazing opportunities he has given me.

Signing off, two handle slaps and a Navy salute,
DJ Neil Armstrong
One of Jay-Z’s Tour DJ’s
Founder of the Almighty 5th Platoon
Global Spokesperson for Adidas and Aerial 7

2010 till infinity ya’ll

Aerial 7 Celebrates the new website….

site on Flickr”>aerial7

Above is a pic from the last time I was out in England – at a show with Jay-z and Coldplay at Wembley Stadium.

My headphone of choice for a while now has been Aerial 7.

For the Website Launch, sovaldi sale they are helping me celebrate by offering my fans a discount on their fine audio producto –


Thats right, seek you can save 20% on your entire headphone order.

When you check out use the code – NEILA7 and you will get that automatic discount.

Pretty Sweet huh ;)

Happy Shopping – I promise, your ears and your wallets will be happy!

Visit the aerial7 site at

complex mag / g-shock party at vanity

FREE Download – the DNA of the Blueprint : Jay-z X Neil Armstrong

On March 3rd I released the project that I’ve been planning on dropping since Sept 11th of 2010 – A tribute mix for Jay-z’s Blueprint series.

Well, stuff after a VERY Hectic Touring schedule with jay across North America and Spot Dates in Europe, treatment a solo run out in Australia, search and running around with stormtroopers and Darth Vader for Adidas, I was finally able to see the project come to fruition.

Here it is, presented FREE ,

This mix is a thank you message to Mr. Shawn Corey Carter, Hova, Jay-Z, for the opportunity he gave me to Rock along side him and the rest of the Roc Boys.

It should at the least remind all of y’all, why he’s the King.

Make sure to catch the BluePrint 3 Tour when it hits a town near you… this mix I did should get y’all warmed up properly.

A Day in the Life…

Neon Gorilla presents A Day In The Life of DJ Neil Armstrong, try the Official DJ of Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Tour. The Neon Gorilla crew documented Neil during the tour’s stop in Toronto, drugstore which was also the official release day of our Ransom by Adidas Footwear Collection.

Take a look as he stops by the shop, the concert, afterparty, along with an interview.